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fucking awesome. i can see him in the fields!

very well done. the cuts in the rhythm and the bass enhancement gives this melody the justice it originally deserved. the only thing that bugged me was the spontaneous "woop" noises. i felt they were too repetitive and could have been replaced by more improvisational techniques or different sounds. but definitely good house music!

DJPlus responds:

thank you! "woop" noises i just learned how to make, still working on refining them :)

extremely well done. perfect build, release, and rebuild. mastered great and the instruments sound sick.


I like the way, in both this song and "Through Space," that the different melodies all have a cohesive relationship with each other so that the transitions cycle within an infrastructure that represents a solid theme. Everything is exactly where it needs to be and doesn't feel "short lived."

The only thing I would suggest to change is the dynamic gap between the bass and leads. There seems to be too much empty space between the two when they cooperate, as if they're trying to talk to each other in different languages. There should be some kind of middle man to smooth it out. Maybe even the drums could fill such a purpose.

Also would like to mention again I really love "Through Space." Very well done song. Favorite part is how the drums enter.

Kdrishe responds:

This is the best review I've ever received.

As for the "gaps," I'll try to work on filling those in. Thanks!

Space Harmony

i like how it kept a constant feel while always seeming to transition and introduce new sounds and their harmonies. good work

Kdrishe responds:

Thank you for the review! I like to have consistency in my songs, so I'm glad that I was successful. As for everything else, I can't stop smiling. Thanks!


Has so many spontaneous-like sounds jumping all over the place but at the same time compressed to the rhythm very well. good sense of dynamics

good taste

i agree with you on the transition, but other than that it has a lot of varied elements you usually don't hear in most electronica; Jazz-like, airy theme laid over solid bass lines.


Oddity to a perfection. Earthly nights and space heroes. The fluxing imagination of someone sleeping under stars.

Great texture

harmonies had amazing dynamics, and the rhythm was perfectly suited. These are the signs of good dubstep.

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks :P


The alteration of different feelings is well implemented. It gives the impression of a rotating jewel. My complaint though is that none of the pieces seem to conclude, as if the jewel was meant to rotate infinitely, so that the ending feels abrupt and confusing.

ProudAardvark responds:

Cheers, so, I see what you're saying about the transition issues. I think one of the main causes is my performance; I had to record the sections with a bunch of separate takes because I ran out of time to learn how to play it. Also, I think the piece suffered a little in reducing it from orchestra & piano to just piano. Many of the phrases and textures would repeat with color changes and dialog between piano and orchestra, with the whole thing being a few minutes longer. Trying to decide now if it needs that extra length to make the phrases breathe more. Ty for the review!

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